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Mobile Marketing & Advertising Makes Your Phone Ring

Mobile devices offer revolutionary new opportunities to your business. There’s great potential in the users of smart phones and tablet computers, all of whom are using their mobile devices to find products and services they need.

Nosalesrepapps offers a turn-key solution that specializes in Mobile web development and Mobile Search Engine Optimization to drive traffic through mobile devices.

Mobile devices are always on and accessible everywhere, making mobile marketing unlike any other marketing platform. With deep engagement, minimal ad clutter and an enhanced advertising experience, National Mobile Marketing is a great way to reach mobile users looking for your business.

Your Opportunity in the Mobile Market
The mobile market is growing exponentially. In the coming years, mobile search will grow at a faster pace than global web searches.
In 2012, mobile search will be 25% of global search, eMarketer projects 142.1 million people will access the web from their mobile devices in 2014, up from 85.6 million in 2010. Now is the time to tap into the mobile market. The benefits of tapping into the mobile market include:
A Less competitive market than traditional search     
Great chance to dominate your space in the mobile market
Customers have constant access to devices        
Less clutter to drown out your message       
Greater immediacy to meet customer needs
Personalized calls-to-action
Local directory submissions are critical for brands to maintain accurate listings within the maps       
Coupons are now being highlighted by Google local search results·    
Apps can allow users to find and invite their friends through Facebook, Twitter and other networks

Our Mobile Website Optimizer:

Providing a Mobile optimized experience is fast becoming a requirement for all businesses. The challenge today is that the Mobile landscape consists of a number of competing technology platforms, including Android, iPhone and BlackBerry. Rather than building apps for each of these platforms, it is often cheaper and easier to build a Mobile website that can be universally accessed by all sites and all web users.

Our Mobile Website Optimizer simplifies the mobile experience for your clients and allows them to quickly access and navigate your mobile site. We use cutting edge features such as click-to-map, click-to-call and social media integration tools for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to help make your site go viral. Our proprietary technology helps you create a custom mobile site in days!

Our Mobile Website Optimizer giv es you:

Mobile device detection to redirect users to the mobile version of your site·        
Faster webpage load times·        
Browser optimization        
Local based services         
Social Media integration with Facebook and Twitter
YouTube video integration        
Google Analytics integration
Mobile calls-to-action such as click-to-call and click-to-map·        
Social media hooks for Facebook, YouTube and Twitter
Social media viral capabilities

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